Image Barn beams are often a centerpiece of rooms where barn wood is used. They capture the eye and give feeling of warmth and strength to buildings. R & S Barns carries both Hand Hewn and Sawn Beams for your designs.

Hewn Beams
Image Hand Hewn beams have been hand cut centuries ago. The marks of the axe are clearly seen and you could swear Abe Lincoln himself crafted your beam. These beams give a very rustic and aged look to any space they are installed in. Hewn beams are available in both hard and soft wood.

Sawn Beams
Image For people looking for a crafted look, but perhaps less rustic, Sawn beams are a good option. They appear much cleaner than hand hewn beams, but the saw marks are very visible. Sawn beams are ideal for situations where a beam with character is desired, but the rustic look of a hewn beam is too much. Sawn beams are also available in both hard and soft wood.