Welcome to the home of forgotten wood.

Rustic & Salvageable Barnwood
Every board tells a story

Taking a walk in our lumber yard is like walking back in time.

R&S; Barns, got its start nine years ago. We moved to a home in the countryside. There, at this old home site, was a large rustic weathered barn. At first glance you would have thought it was just an old barn. But if you looked closer you could see that this barn is a piece of art. All of it was hand crafted years ago. This took skilled men severals days or maybe even months to finish. Then with the weathering of time, it has become a piece of art.


We certainly did not want to destroy it, the wood was wonderfully marked with time. We contacted people whom we thought might be interested in a piece of time. They could show case this in their home. We saved most of the wood that came from that old barn.This became our quest.

Thus Rustic and Salvageable barnwood company (R&S; Barns) became about. Now we have grown considerably, finding there are many people who have the same love that we have for this old wood.

We offer a wide range of recycled wood , wide plank flooring, narrow flooring, siding in all colors, Beams large and small, old windows, 1and 2x material used for floor joists in the old barns. Anything you could find in an old barn you can find at our yard.We sell our products to contractors, builders and Home owners who appreciate exceptional beauty and American History.

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